Monday, May 2, 2011

Drip, drop. Jump, stomp.

Rain, rain, rain.

You just gotta love the spring here, it’s either fluctuating between being in the 50s to mid-80s, or it’s raining. And it rains a lot. Technically we still have another month to go and there’s flooding already. Not to mention the tornado warnings and watches. Oh my gosh…. it feels like I spend at least 6 out of every 7 days under not just a tornado watch but also a warning. I think I should just record the city’s sirens and play them constantly all day in hopes of desensitizing myself to them so that they hopefully quit giving me raging headaches every time they go off. (Cause a raging headache is just what you need under stressful situations)

Potentially dangerous weather aside, my grass is getting sooo tall. In the past 3 weeks it hasn’t stopped raining long enough for our yard to dry out so we can cut the grass. My backyard is getting scary tall. Who knows, give it another week and I should be able to lose Belly and Scarlet in it.

Speaking of Belly….
I would love to tell you a story about my daughter’s contrariness. Miss Belly has decided she hates hates hates baths and showers. She stands rigidly and screams “GET OUT NOW!” at the top of her lungs the whole time. Try to put her out in the backyard with the sprinkler she stands where it barely reaches her then starts screaming if she gets too wet. HOWEVER… my daughter absolutely loves playing in the rain. Light rain to huge storms; she loves being out in it. She’ll stand at the backdoor begging to go out in it.

Yesterday after the latest of our many tornado warnings finished I let her go out to play in the light rain and puddles. She had so much fun splashing and jumping and stomping in the puddles. We had some spots that were 4 – 6 inches deep, so the puddles and mud were plentiful. We were out there for like 45 minutes when she decided to pick some slugs up and bring them to me. (Not a shocking thing for her to do since she loves to hunt for and bring me worms) Unlike with worms, this mommy will start going “Ewww! Gross!! Put those down!!!” to slugs. And instead of putting them down, my lovely daughter looked up at me smiled, then proceeded to rub the slugs into her hair and laugh her head off. (ewww…) I had to bribe the girl with chocolate to get her back in the house so I could wash her hair.

And no… I was too busy being grossed out by the slugs to take any pictures of them. lol But I did get a bunch of her splashing in the puddles. Here’s my favorite.


Emma's Momma said...

yuck i feel you with all the rain!! Hope all the bad weather stays away.

Chloé said...

Don't hate me, but here in North of France we haven't had much rain since the beginning of the year and the agriculture is suffering... I love the pic, though, hopefully that'll make up the pain of the rain for you! ;)