Thursday, January 7, 2010

No, it doesn't make me a bad mom...

it makes me a mom with a rather sore throat.
Zachary is... well he's a handful, and he's got one of the worst tempers I have ever seen. I mean, the boy comes by it honestly. I have a temper (when it gets worked up), John has a huge temper, and my mom has a rather large one too. But Zachary's is just humongous, and gets set off over every little thing.
He didn't take a nap today and was being really ugly to Ryan, getting the poor boy worked up to such a state of agitation that Ryan wanted to go lay down. I tuck Ryan in and decide maybe Zach needs a short nap too. Well, Zach follows me around screaming at the top of his lungs about every single little thing that he feels is just horrible and ruining his day. I get him settled in a room and I can hear him all the way across the house screaming his head off. I let him scream for 5 minutes, then I did the only thing that works for him when he gets to this point, I went in there and screamed back at him. This went on for like five minutes before he slams the door on me and screams "Go away, I'm done looking at you!"
Nice huh?

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