Friday, January 15, 2010

You just gotta love 4 year olds

So, I'm in my room getting dressed this morning and Ryan is playing in the living. Even during the summer our living room is freezing in the morning so we have a little space heater in there. Its supposed to be one of the safest there is, but I always dread leaving the boys, especially Ryan, alone in there with it on. Well, he was sitting on the floor playing next to it when I went back to my room to get dressed. All of the sudden I hear Ryan yelling from the living room "Mommy, hurry, there's a fire!" So I run out of my room, mostly naked, fearing Ryan has managed to set something on fire with the heater. I get to the living room, and, nothing. He's sitting there watching tv. I ask him where the fire is, what happened. And he looks up at me with this "oh I'm so sweet" smile and says, "I was just kidding."
Let's just say we had a long lecture about not kidding around about fires.

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