Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back from the geneticist!

First off, oh my God... we were there for freaking ever! We arrived at 9:30 and didn't leave until close to three. We had to wait an hour and a half in a room for the doctor. Then she came in asked a few questions, said she'd be right back, and we didn't see her again for almost another hour! First good news, the doctor said (huge shocker coming...) Bella isn't that small. For one, she's finally in the percentage charts! Very low on the charts, 4% for height and head and a very very low 2% for weight. But the doctor said that isn't too much of a worry since I'm only in the 3%. She weighs 12 lbs 15 oz. The doctor said ideally, because of my smallness, Bella should be about 14-15 lbs. Now, the eh news, I got no answers today. They're running a chromosone (sp??) test on her blood, a urine analysis, and an x-ray of her feet and hands to make sure her bones are growing at the right speed. Only... Bella refused to pee the whole entire time we were there, so by the time we left their x-ray technician was gone so we've had to reschedule that and I have to collect her pee sample. Lastly, angry/bad news. I got a huge lecture on Bella's diet, or lack of a proper scheduled diet. Here's a list of all I shouldn't be doing:
  • I shouldn't just feed her whenever she seems to want to eat. She's "old enough" to be on a more set eating schedule and I should not deviate from it, nor let her snack whenever she sees someone else eat.
  • I should not be giving her any table food at all at this point. She shouldn't have any until she's one. She should only be getting stage 2, at highest, baby foods and just a little cereal a day. I should not be mixing the rare baby food she gets or cereal into her bottles.
  • I should not not not be giving her bread, buiscuits, cookies, and most especially, chocolate.

Whatever, her doctor says its fine, not only fine, but better for babies to get real food (in pureed or semi-solid form) as opposed to jarred baby food. It teaches them to have a better liking of textures and seasonings.
Lastly, this doctor says she's also delayed, I don't think she is, but that's now two doctors who say so. Though she (the geneticist) made it seem hugely more delayed than her regular doctor. But that I'll take with a grain of salt, her doctor actually said she'd had great progress when he saw her for her bronchitis so, neh to her.
So review, I have no patience, Bella has a little, Bella will not pee in a urine bag, we get to do yet another x-ray, we still have NO answers, and I want to punch the geneticist in the face.

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Pom said...

Agreed about the punching.
I have the same feeling about my doctor right now. LOL!
Congrats on all the good things you found out and fret not about the not-so-great. :)