Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow, snow go away. Don't come back another day.

So, it started snowing and sleeting Thursday night... and has been ever since. Welcome to global warming. I am utterly disgusted. I don't like cold or wet, and I'm getting both. Bleh. I packed up me and the kiddos Thursday morning so that in case the weatherman was right (which he rarely is mind you) we could be snowed in at my mom's and not at home. Its been miserable the whole time. Zach has been sick for a few days, and we were hoping it wasn't anything serious, but he's now got a runny nose, a hacking cough, fever, and is losing his voice. Well, Thursday night he started screaming and crying because he woke up and his ear was hurting so bad. Poor boy is miserably sick, and on top of that, unlike his brother (and mom...) he loves the snow. He's been asking since last winter when would it snow and its killing him that he can't go out in it. But he seems to be feeling worse, but its not like we can get him out to the doctor's, my van is buried under and around snow and ice on top of a steep steep driveway. To make matters worse Bella has started running a fever. Her nose is also running, with the same hacking cough and wheezy breathing. You can literally feel her chest rattling when she breathes. I'm afraid her bronchitis has returned and maybe that's what Zach has too, but again no way to get out. The weather is calling for the weather to stay the same through Saturday and then freezing temperatures Sunday. :::sigh::: Things ain't looking good, stupid freaking snow.
Ryan briefly enjoying the snow:

The views outside:

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Pom said...

Oh no..I hope it goes away soon, or at least to the point that you can get out and drive the kids to the doctor. The pictures look great though. I've never touched real snow before. :)