Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ryan is not allowed to be sick ever again.

That is once he gets over being sick right now.

He’s miserable and I feel so bad for him.
He’s being bratty and I just want to bang my head on any handy hard object.

Seriously, I can’t stand it. I love my boy. A whole whole ton. But he is the most obnoxious pitiful sick child ever since he hardly ever gets sick. It’s like his brain is not programmed with how to be or sick. I was running myself thin trying to make him feel better, keep him occupied, keep an eye on Belly, AND keep her occupied away from her “Eye-in.” Her Eye-in wasn’t helping with that at all. Every time I even stepped out of the room I would hear “Hey Bellarina, come here!”

((le sigh))

Upswing of the day, Zach spent a good while today helping me with Ryan (moment for you all to do shocked gasp) by reading “Green Eggs and Ham” to him with almost no help at all. When John got home I turned Ryan and Belly over to him and got Zach to read it again so I could…

Take a video!!

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Nicole M. said...

Love it! Thomas, Collin, and Bailey sat through the whole video!