Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The blog post entitled “I am awesome.”

A little over a year ago I picked up knitting, and then a few months ago I picked up crocheting. (around November) John thought both were highly amusing, making me seem little-old-ladyish, and he gave me a month, on both, before saying I’d quit.

Ha! In case you didn’t know, I love to prove John wrong about stuff. lol Nothing he could have said would’ve pushed me to keep at it more than that. Even when I’d be frustrated and cussing vehemently inside my head and swearing to snap all my hooks and needles in half, I’d never admit it to him. He’d look over at me, smirk, and ask “Having problems baby?” To which I just smile, and say “Nope, all good.” So I can’t wait for him to come home tonight. “Why?” you ask.


Because I freaking designed that hat.

Yeah, you heard read that right, me. Me, me, me. And I did it by myself. I didn’t go to any of the knitting/crocheting support boards and ask how should I do this, this, or this. I sat down and spent 4 days working on that, starting over several, several times. Making a ton of mistakes before getting it right. Me.

Now, I will admit, the heart is from a pattern (and was much easier to make than I thought it would be… here’s the pattern if you want to try), but the hat, that’s all me. And I’m so proud of myself that if it wasn’t raining and I wasn’t afraid of heights I’d climb on to my roof and wave the hat around and yell about it.

Also, don’t get me wrong or anything. John fully supports me in my hobbies and encourages me to use any creative outlet that I can (and that he can afford). He just really thinks this is a funny hobby to have. This coming from the guy who plays golf and the freaking cello… for fun. (Plus any other musical instrument he gets it into his head to learn)

Oh…. and I need to admit one more thing about the hat. I messed up. lol Yup. Not like a big mess up, I know how to fix it and everything. But I was planning for this hat to fit a 19-20 inch head and it is really snug and just a touch short on Belly and her head is 18.5 inches. But oh well, John doesn’t have to know that. lol Cause, like I said it’s an easy fix.

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