Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day




We got snow last night. Not much, but then it doesn't take much to send where I live in a tizzy of panic over the thought of ice and snow storms, not that we get them often mind you. lol But nonetheless, school was canceled today (tomorrow too). This did not make Ryan happy at all today's his birthday and it was supposed to be his special day at school and the stupid snow had to go and ruin it all. How rude. He got over it quickly enough though. Because hell, day ruin-er or not, it's snow, and he's five. lol Zach of course was ecstatic. The weirdo loves snow. Ryan does for only 5, maybe 10, minutes. This was the first time Belly has been big enough to go out and play in the snow. At first she was just as excited as the boys. She was laughing and chatting about it until she first stepped in it - then she wasn't too sure about it at all. But as she watched the boys play in it she got more into the spirit of it. She picked some up, tried to show it, stamped her feet in it, giggled, clapped, had all around fun for like three minutes - then slipped and landed face first in it. But it was ok, she came up laughing. A few minutes later when she did it again, she was not too happy with it. The third time she went down she started screaming and kept the screaming up until she got in the house and de-snowed. When the boys went back out about an hour later she was more than happy to stand at the back door and laugh at them and yell at them through the door. 
John playing in the snow with the boys Yes he is licking snow off his arm.
After her first fall in the snow.
Zach running with a snowball to throw at Ryan. John's truck covered in snow.
Boys running to play in the snow in the backyard. Snow or no snow - they play men on the slide.
Belly watching them play through the back door.

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