Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate snow days.

I hate the ones where all the snow is cleared up by like 9, there was no ice on the roads, and school doesn’t even open late – just stays closed all day. What. The. Hell. I never got this many freaking snow days off when I was the boys’ age. Top it all off – every child in my house is being a brat. Yes, you heard me right, a brat. I have no hesitation in calling my children brats or any other names that applies when they act like one. Yes, I always love them, no, I don’t always particularly enjoy them. Being stuck inside, not from snow and cold but because of vast amounts of mud, on a school day that isn’t a school day with them, and having to lay down John’s law of “You will not leave your room except to eat and go to the bathroom until your room is clean” epically blows. As a result I have a huge mother of all evil headache, an extra cranky toddler (thanks boys for not letting her sleep), and two whiney bratty boys who are fighting in their room. And nope – I’m not going to go in there and break it up either.

Stupid snow days.

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