Monday, January 17, 2011

What a week.

This pretty much sums up last week and where I’ve been:


John got into a wreck Wednesday on his way into work that morning.

Some idiot decided to run a stop sign and John t-boned him going 50 mph. Him calling me telling me he’d been in a wreck wasn’t too big a deal. He made it sound like it wasn’t too bad, just asked me to call my step-father and ask him to come pick him up. My step-father calling me 30ish minutes later was a lot scarier when he told me John was hurt and was refusing to go to the hospital in the ambulance. He tried to pass it off as nothing too big a deal, but paramedics don’t just suggest for no reason that you come to the hospital with them. So I met John and my step-father at the shop they work at and John didn’t look bad at all, just noticeably hurting. John being close to tears on the drive to the hospital and going over all these worst case scenarios was terrifying. Sitting and waiting alone while he had all these tests done was terrifying. Waiting for the results, terrifying.

Hearing he was lucky to come out of a crash that bad (in which his airbags never opened) with only a chest contusion, a banged up knee, and some dental problems – beyond thankful. That was one of the scariest days of my life.

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