Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sleep. Blessed, wonderful sleep.

Oh man. I thought my days of being up most of the night were long over, but Belly has had other ideas about sleep.

See, since Sunday Belly has been waking up sometime between midnight and 2 every single night crying and screaming. Not like nightmare/terrors or anything. More like she’s awake and wants out of bed. She wouldn’t settle back down so she’s been being put in bed with us after she wakes. My daughter is no fun to sleep with at this point. She stays up, wants to play, talk, wake us up if we fall asleep. Sleep has been a rare commodity for John and I lately.

We have two theories on why she’s doing this.

a. She’s still angry about the failed attempt at switching her crib into a toddler bed. At first she was excited about it. She helped me switch the crib and make up her bed. I let her pick out which babies were going on her bed. We practiced climbing on and off of it. We snuggled and read books. We talked about what a big girl she was. Then, bedtime, epic fail. A rough few days was to be expected, but John gave it up after an hour and said we’d try again when she’s older. John thinks this is the reason she’s not sleeping since she’s been a terror to put to bed since we attempted the switch.

b. (My theory) Belly has been refusing to eat dinner no matter what I give her to eat. She’ll either throw all her food on the floor, give it to the dog, or just sit there ignoring it. So I think she’s waking up hungry.

I had a plan last night that if she woke up I’d give her a bottle with some milk, yogurt, and small amount of cream of wheat in it to have in her bed. I figured (along with my mom) that she’d lay there and drink her bottle then probably go right back to sleep, thus proving me right and John wrong. I was kind of looking forward to this.

But she slept all night.

Honestly though, I’m more happy to have gotten a full night of uninterrupted sleep than being proved right. lol

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