Monday, September 21, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Reasons Why I Love You"

(Picture is from our wedding on March 28, 2006)
Here are 10 reasons why I love my husband (no particular order):
1. You always manage to make me feel special, even when I know I'm being exceedingly ordinary.
2. I've gotten to spend the past 6 years growing up with you, and even though as we've grown we've changed so much you're still you, I'm still me, and we're still us.
3. You are an amazing father, much more than my own was, and a million times more than your's was.
4. You still kiss me and tell me you love me every morning, and then kiss me and tell me you love me when you get home every night.
5. You know how to make me laugh, and how to push my "smile button" better than anyone else.
6. Even though you get up early every morning for work in the morning and to take Zach to school, you let me sleep in as late as I want on Saturdays while you care for the kids.
7. You hardly ever say "I told you so," even though I tend to have this annoying habit of being wrong often.
8. You put my happiness first, even while I'm trying to put your's first.
9. Though I've got some flabby skin in my middle, my tummy is covered in stretch marks, my boobs are down 3 sizes and not perky, you still look at me as if I'm the most beautiful person you've ever seen.
10. You complete me in places that I never knew were incomplete before you came along.

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Nicole Montgomery said...

Thanks alot trish. Now I am crying my eyes out.