Monday, September 28, 2009

Picture of the Day: "He was trying to be helpful"

I was doing the multi-tasking bit last last Wednesday night. I was (unsuccessfully) trying to cook dinner, feed Bella, clean the kitchen (I clean the kitchen as I cook so after dinner there's less work to do), do laundry, and help Zach with his homework. Well, I had to stop feeding Bella for a moment because the phone rang and the timer on the oven went off. Now I'm hearing all of this at once:
"Mommy, mommy, mommy!" (Ryan)
(water running in sink)
(washer and dryer running)
Bella screaming
"Its ok sweetie." (Zach to Bella)
and my mom rambling about something in my ear.
I step out of the room so I can try to hear her, get off the phone, turn off the water, shut the laundry room door, and give Ryan a starburst to shut him up, and I notice Bella's not screaming anymore. I look around the doorway into the living room and Zach is feeding Bella her dinner. Only, he's putting so much on the spoon not all of it fits in her mouth and she spits out 1/2 of it that does! I sigh, and think oh well to myself and go back to cleaning and cooking. John comes home a few minutes later and offers to take over dinner and the kitchen, and I take over the feeding of Bella. (But not before I could get some pictures of the mess her and Zach made of her face!)

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