Monday, December 20, 2010

Bravo Mrs. Zach’s Teacher Ma’am.

I love the set up Zach’s teacher has for class parties and such. She has this policy – either send in a contribution or come in and help. I know this has to frustrate some parents, but when you get down to the nitty-gritty a lot of parents just don’t seem to care about special things the class does. They just sort of ignore them. And personally, I hate parents that do that. Yeah, I know, not all students have a parent that stays home during the day and come and be active in the class. And yeah, not all families can afford to send something in. But, she allows for that. It doesn’t have to be the parent that comes in, any adult family member can come in. Such as on the 10th I went in and helped with their Reindeer rotation party, and since I was going to be helping in Ryan’s class for their party on the 17th my brother went in and helped with Zach’s Christmas Breakfast party. Nor does she require you send in something expensive if you can’t come in. She’ll take napkins, and cheap things like that. With how many parents just ignore the flyers that are sent home asking for contributions and helpers (and with this being his 3rd year in school and my 3rd year helping the teachers plan things – I can tell you many parents do ignore these) I just have to stand up and applaud his teacher. She sent something home at the beginning of the year explaining her policy and you had to sign it agreeing to it. Each time I’ve met with her she’s gone over if I did/did not send something, and if I did not did I come in and help. It just bugs the mess out of me how some parents just have no desire to come in or contribute to the class. Do they think the school pays for these things? No, the teacher and other parents pay to make up the difference if all things needed aren’t sent in. More times than not it’s the teacher. And you know what, that’s just not right. Teachers make a pitiful salary for all they do, not to mention they have to put up with all the school politics, your children, and you parents who don’t seem to care. I figure it’s the least we can do as parents to come help when it’s needed or to send in a few things for the class.

((OK – stepping off my soapbox now lol))

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ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Our school has a money or time policy. You will give one or the other somehow. The dollar store sells paper plates & cups. It's not difficult to contribute. Mostly we have good luck with it.