Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the day before the night before Christmas…

DSCN9446-Edit and Mommy just didn’t care.

She didn’t feel the holiday spirit, she didn’t feel the joy or excitement.

She felt deep down bone tired and like she’d been run over by a truck like a rabbit.
Her body was achy, her head threatened a divorce, her brain felt like it was leaking and all-in-all she just was not one with the force.

Coffee wasn’t helping.

The Belly was most definitely not either.

Mommy kept checking because she was positive both Belly and her were sick and must have a fever.

Mommy didn’t want to go shopping, read a book, clean, cook, or wrap presents, really what she wanted to do was sleep and maybe open a few of the kids presents so she could watch them.

She was bored. She was tired. But she could not nap.
She was cold. She was achy – like her energy had been sapped.

Twas the day before the night before Christmas and Mommy didn’t care.
She didn’t even have the energy to pretend so thank God the boys weren’t there.

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1 comment:

Pom said...

Aw.... so it's one of those days. I've been like that a lot lately myself. Hope you feel better soon!

I haven't been around here for a while. (Haven't been around blogger almost the whole month actually.) The new header gave me the first laugh of the day. (And to think that this is waaaaaaaaay late in Thailand, it's quite pathetic of me. Ugh!)

Nothing much. Just wanna say hi. So, hi!