Friday, November 26, 2010

Something stinky this way comes.

Man, don’t you just love kids?

So yeah I missed posting about everything I’m thankful for, but really I don’t need Thanksgiving to think about all I’m thankful for so I won’t waste a blog post on it. Thanksgiving was Thanksgiving. Zach, Belly, and I went to my dad’s family for lunch while John stayed home with sick Ryan. We get back and Belly is running a huge fever. We were worried she’d caught whatever Ryan had, but nope, we think it’s just teething. The facet of spit running down her chin and chest, the fact that I was up almost all night with her, and the 5 poopy diapers I’ve changed over the past two days (3 from today) are proof of that.

Which leads into this conversation I just had with Ryan.

I’d changed Belly not even two hours ago with a hugely poopy diaper and Ryan yells that Belly is stinky again. As I’m changing her this is what Ryan and I say to each other:

Ryan “Mommy, I guess you just missed some of her poop earlier.”

Me “No, Ryan, she just pooped again.”

R “Well gosh, tell her to quit pooping so much. Maybe she shouldn’t have any more food today.”

M “That’s not why she keeps pooping you nerd. It’s because she’s teething.”

R “What’s that?”

M “You know what teething is. It’s when a baby is getting new teeth. It makes them fussy and feel bad. And makes them poop a lot.”

R “When I was a baby, and I was getting tooths, I did not poop that much.”

M “Yes you did it.”

R “No, Bella’s just weird.”

(picture me shaking my head and rolling my eyes)
As I said, don’t you just love kids?

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