Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I had to take both Ryan and Belly in for shots this morning. Belly to get her finally started on them and Ryan to get caught up on his for school. Plus I needed to get a new copy of Ryan’s birth certificate for school also.

To start off, I got there at about 9:45, appointment was at 10. Waited for a close to 45 minutes, then they got called back for shots. When I was filling out their paperwork when I first got there I put in a request for Ryan's birth certificate and the lady said to pick it up on my way out. Ryan did, well, ok with his shots. He fussed a little and cried some but it wasn't too bad. At first Belly did great. The first three she took with just stiffening herself up but the last two she screamed bloody murder through. (I was informed those 2 burn a lot). All of that was finished up by about 11.

I went up to pay for Ryan's birth certificate and pick up his official shot records and the new lady behind the counter told me to get another number and wait again. Never had to do that before, but was ok with it since your supposed to wait 30 minutes before leaving anyway to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the shots. Got a number and sat down to wait. I had to wait close to TWO hours. I finally get called (let me tell you Ryan and Belly were NOT happy at this point) go up there and I'm told it's going to be $58.22. I'm sure she must be wrong, birth certificates are around $10 and we've never had to pay for shots, our income is way below the cut off for a 5 person family.

Uh, wrong.

They changed it and now we have to pay 45% of the shot cost, and only people on the state insurance can now get them for free. I literally left my house with $20 cash in my pocket and that was supposed to cover birth certificate, cupcake supplies, plus a few extra groceries we need. I asked if she'd accept a debit card and she said no cash or check only. I asked would they accept partial payment, and she said no, but I can go back to one of the patient rooms and call and see if someone can bring me the money. So, I'm sitting there at the counter trying to think of what the heck I'm going to do when I remember that for once my checkbook is in the van since I went and paid a bill Monday. There were like 4 people in line behind me and it was so embarrassing since the woman wasn't even trying to keep her voice down so they all heard I lacked the money to pay. I paid got Ryan and Belly back to the van and just sat there and cried. I don't cry easily but that lady was so mean and nasty and I was soooooo fully embarrassed.

Plus John is going to be so mad when he gets home. I'm sure he could have pulled that much cash if I'd known (between our weekly cash and getting some out of bill money) so he's going to be furious that I wrote a check since the last time we wrote that place a check it didn't come out until like a month and a half later. (Should add this was the Health Department - our doc doesn't do shots) Sure, after he's done yelling and being angry it might finally reach his brain that I didn't KNOW, but it'll take a little bit first.

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