Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My son the obsessor.

So yesterday morning I’m getting together lunches for me, Belly, and Ryan to take to Parents Day Out. Ryan’s standing there next to me and I go to put his rice cake chips and he says he doesn’t want the apple ones, he wants the chocolate ones. So I open the cabinet and see three bags of the chips and tell him to hold on. I finish doing mine and Belly’s chips, close the bag, and put them up. I reach in the cabinet and pull out the other bags to see what kinds they  are… and they’re all the same.  Apple. Ryan is very put out, but figures, wisely, he’d  rather have apple than none, but he still makes it very clear he would prefer chocolate ones.

Fast forward a bunch of hours, and Parents Day Out is over and we’re loading up in the van to go home. Out of nowhere Ryan says: “Alright mommy, lets go to the store and get them now.” I’m sitting there thinking huh? So I ask him what he’s talking about. We get into a minor argument, him insisting I do know, me insisting I have no clue at all. Finally he goes “Chocolate Mommy, duh, we need to go get the  chocolate ones now.” I’m still a little lost here, so I ask him to describe the chocolate things we need to get. He describes and, as he put it, duh. I tell him, no we have plenty of bags of rice cake chips at home, we don’t need more right now. He grumbles but gives in.

I just couldn’t believe it. We had the first conversation at 8 am and the second at 2:30 pm. That boy had been obsessing over chocolate rice cake chips for over 6 hours.

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Heather said...

That will be my boy when he is older. His persistence is astounding!