Monday, April 18, 2011

Supermom I am not.

I will not claim to be Supermom.

I do not clean my entire house every day, or every other day, or every three days.
I do not efficiently and calmly wash and fold and put away clothes.
I do not make healthy organic home cooked meals every day.
I do not sit down and patiently work with children on homework every day.
I do not always get dressed in a clean wrinkle free outfit every day.
I do not brush my hair or put on makeup every day.
I do not bake treats, run bake sales or scout meetings with any regularity.
I do not watch my language or actions as closely as I should.
I do not make sure that all of the kids activities are intellectually stimulating.
I do not make my kids get dressed or brush their hair if they aren’t leaving the house.
I do not outlaw sugars, sodas, or processed foods.
I do not restrict the amount of TV that the children are allowed to watch.
I do not stop my youngest two from stripping from all of their clothes.
I do not stop my oldest son ordering the younger two around.
I do not stand outside and watch them every time they play in the backyard.
I do not stop them if the pick up bugs or get filthy with dirt and mud.

I do tell and show my children how much I love them every day.
I do cover them in kisses and hugs every chance that I get.
I do sit on the floor and color for hours and play leggos.
I do read to them from at least one book every night.
I do talk with them (and listen) about every part of their days.
I do encourage them to use their creativity and follow their dreams.
I do make sure there is always food in the house for them to eat.
I do teach them to follow rules that aren’t stupid and pointless.
I do everything I can to cheer them up when they are sad.
I do teach them how to handle situations without violence when they are mad.
I do sit and snuggle when they need extra attention and love.
I do tuck them in bed every night and help them say prayers.
I do let them be free to make and learn from their own mistakes.

I do love them more than life, without having to be being a silly Supermom.

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Adrianka [helenvader] said...

It can be overwhelming being a Mom, I suppose. I'm NOT a Mom, but sometimes I'm overwhelmed, too. Like, watching all Supermoms spending quality time with their children and doing no mistakes (or not mentioning them anyway)... I imagine that if I were I Mom I would feel very, very imperfect in comparison. But you put it down so nicely, you know what really matters. :-)