Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Snapshots (4/30)

A before and after addition!

I’m working on the decorations for Belly’s room. Not sure if I’ve ever shared pictures of her room, but it is bright bright crayon green and yellow. Nothing matches it. lol Well, Ryan’s Sesame Street bedding does, and, truth be told, the room was painted for him originally. This gives us the problem of the fact that no girl room stuff matches it, so for a lot of the decorations we plan to just repaint them white. For example, her big girl bed is a twin sized gorgeous antique white iron bed we’re getting from my mom, and we’re basing the rest of her decorations off of that. Our goal is girly-elegant. Not froufrou, but elegant, kinda Victorian. Oh… and pigs. lol My baby loves pigs, so my mother (who also loves pigs) gave us her calendar from last year to use in the decorating. It’s full of nothing but black and white pig photos. These are going to be a big chunk of the decorations. We plan to buy a ton of mismatched frames (preferably cheap and or ugly colored ones) then spray paint them white, then put a sparkly gloss top coat on them. That way even though they’ll be all different shapes and sizes, the color and sparkle is the same, and the theme of the pictures are the same. We also plan to get some wooden letters and decorate those the same, and we got her some hooks that I painted yesterday also. I started working on them yesterday, and I’m not too thrilled with the actual frames (I only had $20 and had to pick up the spray paints also so it didn’t leave me much for frames), but I do love the overall effect.

Now, finally the snapshots! (Before, after, and close up of one of the photos)

DSCN0245 copy
DSCN0246 copy
DSCN0249 copy

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