Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate eggs and cuppycakes

Easter has come and gone. Thank goodness!


My life has been soooo hectic in preparing for Easter, and Belly’s party, and finishing my present for my cousin’s baby shower, I am just so happy that all of it has passed. My life can finally go back to normal.

Here are some pictures of the Easter portion of yesterday:
DSCN0168 copy DSCN0195 copy
DSCN0191 copy DSCN0192 copy 

And some of her opening her presents:
DSCN0199 copy DSCN0201 copy

Her cuppycakes which I got the idea from Bouffe e Bambini’s ‘Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cupcakes.’ I only used two colors on Belly’s; red and teal. Those colors matched her Olivia decorations. (Didn’t get any pictures of them, but this is the decoration set we got) While I was making the cupcakes I was so nervous. I was just convinced they would not turn out, and it didn’t matter how much red I added to the batter it stayed pink. It wasn’t until I had added a ton of red that my mom informed me that the colors would deepen while cooking, so the cupcakes were just a tad brighter and bolder than the decorations. But… they looked so freaking cool. lol
DSCN0213 copy

And lastly… we got a new family picture!! Well… we got 5, but I *think* I like this one the most.
DSCN0163 copy

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