Thursday, April 28, 2011

A week of Facebook

So usually when I don’t post a ton during the week I give you a long update going in epic details, but… I’ll be busy cleaning tomorrow (as I’ve been saying for the past two months BUT have to get done) because I have to get Belly’s room cleaned out and ready to move her new room stuff in. lol This be what I’ll do instead, I’ll sum my week up in Facebook updates.

  • so I'm watching Eclipse... and yeah, so far it's just as stupid as I remembered.
  • Know what sucks? When I go to lay half asleep Belly down for her nap and she starts crying in the most pitiful way saying "No night night. Daddy." over and over.
  • It's OK body; I completely and unequivocally hate you too.
  • Crap. I just realized not only did I not send Zach's spring break journal with him to school, we forgot to do the stupid thing.
  • I hope if I get hit by a tornado that my house lands on a witch. If it doesn't I will be epically disappointed.
  • Head... today I hate you.
  • Grabbing a quick lunch then heading to the grocery store. Apparently waiting for a break in the rain is pointless.
  • Stupid Spring Break journal. Stupid. I want to see his teacher turn in a journal about her spring break.
  • So after our shower Belly did a ton of pee in the toilet... then while helping her wipe... I accidentally dropped my glasses in the toilet.

For the record, the stupid Spring Break Journal did get done, and the glasses are now cleaned and sanitized.

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