Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crying like a baby

Zach's last day of school is Friday. Today his teacher sent home this huge white box with a picture of him on it and a picture of the whole class on it. Inside the box were copies of all the pictures she took of him this year, a dvd her and her helper made that is made up of pictures of the students in the class participating in the activities they had this year and just doing stuff, it was long too, going month by month, all of Zach's artwork that they hung up on the walls, and lastly a congratulations card for me and John for having Bella.
I just sat and watched the dvd on my computer (its Zach's Wii time so my tv is unavailable) and just finished it. By the end of it I was crying like a baby, because not only did MY baby grow so much during the year, but so did all those other mommies' babies! And then I felt really guilty because in the dvd it showed all the activities they did that parents were invited too, and I only came to one and John only came to one.
But I'm so glad she sent those picture copies home because I was just thinking his Pre-K scrapbook is going to be awfully small because I only had a handful of pictures of him doing school related things. Now I can scan those and have more!

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