Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby + 3 Year Old + Sick = Grumpy Mom

I've been so happy to not be pregnant anymore. I mean my pregnancy with Bella was not fun or pleasant, so I've been really enjoying having her out. (Other than for the reason I love her, and love holding her, and feeding her, and so on) But right now I'm not too happy she's out.
I'm sick. I was just a little sick yesterday, and I think its all Bella's fault that I feel a million times worse today. She did not want to sleep last night, nor did she want to eat a lot, she wanted to be held, and to be up walking, my sick tired body wanted to be sleeping.
So now its 8 am and I'm up, my head hurts, my nose is as stuffed as it can get, and it feels like my throat is getting rubbed with sandpaper each time I cough (which is frequently). Plus, I'm having to deal with Ryan who is feeling very full of himself and argumentative this morning. I think I'm losing my voice, and having to get on to him every 5 minutes isn't helping any. Thankfully its Bella's morning nap time, and she shouldn't be up for another hour, but going off of last night I might not get it. I don't know what I'm going to do today. I really want to call my mom and ask her to take Ryan today, but I so don't want to be in her "debt" and have her trying to rope me into watching the kids she babysits.
Ugh I want to just go back to bed.

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