Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you tell me why?

Why do I have to have one set parenting style? Hmmm??? Where is it written that I have to follow one parenting style to the tee and not use any others? And why must I even have to label myself as an "Attachment Parenting" or "Traditional Parenting" parent? Can't I just be a, um, parent?
Yes, I do co-sleeping, yes, I hold my baby when she fusses, and yes, I prefer to breastfeed my child whenever possible and introduce as little formula as possible. BUT... I also believe in my spanking, CIO (when the baby's older), and not letting my children run the show. I use what works with my children, and who knows, maybe the same things won't work for Bella that work for the boys, and if they don't I'll find what does work and use that. I'm not going to say the way I parent is the right way that everyone should use, because there is no set one way that works for everyone. And I'm sick to death of people asking "Well, are you AP or traditional?" or then going into a "Well, this kind of parenting is much better than this kind..."
I mean who are they to say that one type is the best? Are they an expert on the subject? Yeah sure, they can do all the "research" they want, but here's the thing... research, about 90% of the time, is biased to favor what the researcher wants to show.
So, yeah, I spank my boys... get over it. Its what they respond best to. Did I try other means of punishment? Yes. Did they work? No. I use what works with my children, and if anyone has a problem with that they can just go... well yeah, you know what they can go do.

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