Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She should know who she is.

So, I have this friend and she has a blog.
I love reading her blog because she applies her own great sense of humor and outlook to different situations that occur in her life. And, despite what she might sometimes think of herself, I think she's very brave and an inspiration.
I've done things in my past that while I'm not ashamed of them because they've made me who I am today, I would in no way have the guts to share with the world. I'm glad to talk about them with someone I know if they bring up a subject that pertains to it, or if I think my experience might help someone else, but I'm too much a chicken to lay my faults down for all to see.
(Yes, there is a point to this.)
I think she's very brave to lay down parts of her past others might try to cover. By doing so she gives others who are or have been in similar situations the hope and inspiration to go on, even if it seems impossible. And it is my sincerest wish that she keeps making it, even if it is just one day at a time, and that she knows someone has great respect and admiration for her because she does.

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