Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Don't Want to Move to Boston...

John came home from work yesterday and announced he wants to move to Boston.
I thought he was joking so I told him if he can find a house to buy (I don't want to rent), handle saleing this house, finding a job there, and get all the stats on the area I'll do it, just don't expect me to help.
By the time we went to bed he had a list of houses and all the statistical information on the areas they are in. PLUS, he had emailed the guy who handles our mortgage to find out if he can give us a projection of how long it'll be before we've paid enough on the house to actually make any money on the saleing of it.
I guess I should explain, John's two older brothers live in a city right outside of Boston, the way they explain it is that its like a city that is slowly getting crept up on by Boston. His brothers' mom just passed away, and their (all of them) grandparents are all gone now. Basically that's where John's family is, and he wants to move closer to them. He doesn't have any close family where we are since his grandparents are gone.
BUT... (remember the title of this post) I don't want to move to Boston! I don't like the cold, I don't like snow, I don't like their accents. I LIKE living in the southeast. I like the heat and humidity. Plus, while he might not have family here, I do. I thought he was just joking, but I think he's serious about this.

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Shannon said...

Wow Trish!! That is a lot to take in!! Good luck with making a decision!