Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How many times can I mention cookies on Facebook?

So, Ms Pudding and I made cookies today. Us making cookies really means we bought one of those logs of dough things from the store, sliced it up, and stuck it in the oven. I don’t like cookies… I don’t bother to buy ingredients to make them from scratch. Sue me. She doesn’t care how I make the cookies, just that I make them. lol

DSCN8029 copy

Ohhhh fun. Gooey slobbery chocolatey kisses and hugs. Why yes Pudding, I will lean in and let you put those icky fingers all over my face. Not.

As I’m reading through my Facebook posts tonight (cause I do that sometimes to jot down ideas for blog posts) I noticed that I might have made too many cookie posts. In my opinion, cookies maybe warrant one post. (Now, I’m sure some of you cookie fans may disagree) But I’m sure all of my non-cookie-having friends did not appreciate the saltiness of me, cookie-hater that I am, having cookies while they remained in a sad cookie-less state. I do so pity them.

Anyhoodles, here are the cookie updates, which darnit, they’re freaking cute cause they talk about the Pudding as well, and the Pudding is adorable (and no I’m not just biased).

*Bella is standing in the kitchen in front of the oven singing "cookie, cookie" over and over to the cookies we just put in the oven.
*A certain little girl is very happily munching away on her cookie now.
*Would you like some chocolate-y goodness hugs and kisses?

And yes, I did just turn a few cookie posts on Facebook into a whole blog post cause I’m talented like that. lol

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