Thursday, February 17, 2011

How you can tell your 5 year old obviously did not nap.

DSCN7670I’m thinking Ryan did not nap at school today. The past couple of weeks nap time at school has been hit/miss for him. Naptime does not need to be hit/miss for my boy. His generally sunny disposition turns into that of a possessed demon monster child. It’s not fun or pretty. My boy needs his sleep.

Today, when getting into the van when I picked him up he asked if we were going to my mom’s today. I told him no, we weren’t, and we won’t be doing sleepover this weekend also because my parents have something to do at church all weekend. Ryan immediately starts crying and yelling that it’s all mine and John’s fault, because obviously we are plotting ways to ruin his life. Then when we get home and we are starting homework Ryan starts screaming and crying because someone broke his favorite orange crayon. (We have like 4 of them, not to mention Ryan broke it the day before last) As we’re doing homework he slips one little bit of color out of one of the shapes and he starts crying about how he is never going to learn to color, he just scribbles like a baby. Lastly, Zach asked Ryan to not touch his (Zach’s) reading book while he is working. Ryan throws the reading book on the ground, jumps up off the couch and screams “You’re all just babies and none of you like me!”

Ryan is now enjoying a nice quiet nap in his room now.

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Heather said...

"You're all just babies and none of you like me". Too funny. Yeah I'd say he needed a nap too!