Monday, February 14, 2011

Well, I feel totally cheated.

My baby lost his first tooth. The one next to it is now loose too.  

See that bill in his hand? Yeah, apparently the tooth fairy left him $10. TEN DOLLARS! Uh, hello feelings of being unloved by the tooth fairy as a child. I got 50 freaking cents when I lost a tooth. When I asked John why the tooth fairy he left Zach so much money he told me he got $10 when he lost his first tooth. So I asked him how much he got for all the other teeth and he told me got $2. (Mind now freaking out because the tooth fairy apparently even loved John more than me also) I look at John blankly and ask him if he is aware of not only that some kids lose more than one tooth at a time but also that we have another child coming up on loosing teeth also. He just shrugs and tells me not to worry about it. I tell him that once he sets the tooth-worth amount, he can’t change it. He tells me he knows. So I tell him he just dug his own grave. Zach might wait patiently to lose more teeth to rake in the money, but I have a feeling Ryan is going to somehow mysteriously end up with lots of injuries to his mouth soon.


HeyJude said...

Cute photo! When I was growing up the tooth fairy left me $20 once (when my grandparents were visiting), but the rest of the time it was $2. I guess nothing is immune to inflation :)

Mandy said...

I would go broke! My kid has lost 6 teeth in the past few months. He gets 50 cents from the tooth fairy. Quarters if he's lucky, dimes and nickels if he's not. :]

Nicole M. said...

Um, if I lost my first (adult) tooth, think John can send me one of those as well? Only with a second 0 on it?
Please? No? Okay..Fine..

Seriously, I got a buck for each tooth. Didn't matter what tooth it was.

And if the tooth fairy did that here with the first for Collin, we'd have a lot of mouth injuries as well...