Sunday, April 12, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Circa 1991"

Ever wonder what a 4 year old prima donna looks like? Well there you go. There's 4 year old me. I was by no stretch of the imagination a girly girl. That dress was the only one I owned and wore. My mom says its because I thought the orange color (can't tell in that picture but it was a bright neon orange) made my hair look better. No clue why, maybe thats why I hate the color orange now... Anywho, but I was so stuck on myself I used to tell people all the little boys chased me around because I was so pretty. (Something my grandmother loves to tell people regularly.) And you know what, I'm still pretty stuck on myself. (lol) Guess I should make a 22 year old prima donna post? Neh, I just call it have a good self-image and a good dose of self-confidence.

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