Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss Bella has arrived!

(Its actually been almost a week since she arrived, but today's the first day I've been able to update the blog.)
So, I went in last Tuesday to be induced as planned, but after being on the pitocin drip for six hours I made no change other than progressivly worse contractions. The doctor came in and explained all my options and we decided to give it another three hours and then stop for the day. There was still no change after the three hours were up, and by the 30 minutes after they stopped the pitocin the contractions had stopped.
That night they inserted some gel stuff into me to soften my cervix. The doctor said it shouldn't cause contractions, but they left the moniters on me just in case. Not even an hour after it was inserted the contractions came back full force. Let me tell you, it was not fun. I couldn't have an epidural since I had ate after they took me off the pitocin so they gave me a different kind of pain medicine and a sleeping pill so that I could get some rest. However, I woke every two hours on the dot when the medicine wore off.
By Wednesday morning I was 3 cm. dilated. They re-started the pitocin. After that things moved quickly. They kept me on the pain medicine which made me sleepy so I slept through most of it. They gave me my epidural at 11 am. My water broke at 11:15 and pushed me to 7 cm dilated. By 11:30 I had gone up to 9 and was having to hold back the need to push since my doctor wasn't in. He got there at 12:30 and I started pushing, 30 minutes later Miss Bella was born.
I had 22 hours of contractions, but it was worth it when she was finally out. She weighed in at 7lbs 2 oz, and measured at 19.5 inches. Her and the boys have all been the same length, but she was the heaviest of the three.
We got home Thursday afternoon. The boys have been great with her, Ryan loves her so much. He calls her his Bella Baby.
Here are some pictures of her after delivery:

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