Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs with a 3 Year Old

Okay, so this was Ryan's first year coloring eggs. Lets say it was not the fun experience I was hoping for. He's just a few months younger than Zach was the first time he did eggs, and he did wonderfully, Ryan, eh... So first, we have to put our hands NOT the eggs in all the colors, then we have to put each egg in, but then move or pull it out every minute. The boy just didn't have the patience at all for this activity. All of our eggs are just multi-colored blobs, I can't even say they have character, as I usually do with things Ryan makes. They look exactly like what they are, 9 eggs that spent about 3 one-two minute sessions in each color. Hopefully next year will go a little better.

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