Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An [Insert Your Vice Here] Kinda Day

Today sucked... like majorly. My boobs were incredibly full and sore, my tail bone hurt, I had cramps since I couldn't take my pain medicine. There was no good parking on campus, I don't think I did well on my extra credit exam and I really need those points. I got a long detailed text from my mom during class about how Ryan was being very non-behaved. Zach got out of school in a foul mood. I spent 20 minutes searching for his birth certificate (which somehow keeps getting lost...) so I could go register him at school he already freaking goes to just to find out, no, students in the pre-k program don't have to have anything other than up-to-date proof of residency for kindergarten registration. All the idiot drivers in my city were out, one almost hit me. I could only scrounge up $7 for gas money and even with my Kroger card I only got 3.5 gallons. I have this huge splitting headache and the boys are fighting.

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