Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picture of the Day: "My New Obsession?"

Now this is probably about 1/3 of Miss Bella's clothes in her's and Zach's closet. And as her side fills more and more up, and her drawers get more and more clothes I'm noticing this trend in color. My little girl has a lot of pink clothes. Like a ton. The funny thing is, I'm not too sure how. I don't buy them. John doesn't buy them. When we let Zach pick out clothes when we go shopping for her we don't let him buy more than 1 pink thing. (Its bad enough he'll only get her dresses.) I don't think we got a lot of pink in the hand-me-downs we got, my friend isn't big on pink either. So the question is where is all this God awful pink coming from?!

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