Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Daddy and Boy"

I will admit it, my boys are momma's boys. In the event of any disturbance in their little worlds they defer to me, not John. If there is any microscopic boo boo, broken toy, fighting, or hurt feelings they come to Mommy. And Zach is much much worse at this than Ryan. John and I have talked about this in hopes that I have of helping his feelings not be hurt too badly. We both know, in our minds, that Zach is like this so strongly because for almost the first 2 years of his life there was mainly just me. John didn't live with us, and while he tried to spend as much time with Zach as possible, he worked so much and such weird hours, Zach was almost always asleep when John was able to come over. So we know that that is probably the reason Zach is such a HUGE momma's boy, but I know Zach does tons of little stuff still all the time (though he is getting better since we moved out of my mom's) that breaks John's heart everyday. Which thus breaks my heart. I hate that they don't have even half the relationship that John and Ryan do (who was only 3 months old when John moved in) but we're all trying and I think *and hope* that their relationship seems to be improving a little more each day.

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