Friday, April 10, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Story of a Boy and Dog"

Ryan is so not a dog person. Actually, to be fair, he's not a cat, turtle, hamster, or any kind of pet person. He's silly because he loves animals, loves being around them, he just doesn't like pets. He was so beyond angry with John and I when we brought Kappy home. He tried to convince us for a month that no we really could take her back to the pet store. Now he's on kick that Kappy will hurt the baby. Kappy is one of the least aggressive dogs I have ever seen. She eats, makes chirpy noises, rolls in the grass, howls, and sleeps. That's it. She's actually a really boring dog, not at all what we were hoping for when we got a dog, but we like her now. (Even if she is scared of the dark...) I don't have any fears about how Kappy will do with the baby, Ryan's just trying a new trick to get rid of her. Ryan doesn't even want us to have Miss Bella. But I'm constantly catching Ryan loving on her and cuddling her (Kappy), though if he knows you're watching he pushes her away and yells at her. Weird boy.

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