Thursday, April 9, 2009

How flipping awesome!

So I went in for my 37 week check up today (even though on Tuesday I'll be 38 weeks) and it was just the basic take my weight, pee in a cup, measure tummy, check my blood pressure, and check baby's heart beat. Then my doctor comes in and asks me if I want to go about this naturally or not. I'm all like "huh?" He says because of my size they're going to give me the option of just waiting and going into labor naturally whenever it happens, or if I'd rather...
Next Thursday when I go in for my next check up they are going to see if I've dilated any, and if I have they'll induce me that next Monday the 20th! I said oh heck yeah! I'm beyond ready for this baby to be out.
So unless this baby comes out on her own before the 20th, I'll be having a baby April 20th! (I will be dilated!)

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