Monday, April 13, 2009

Yay Easter is Over!

Okay, I love Easter. Its always been one of my favorite holidays. I like having the excuse to dress up without having people ask me why, and the chance to dress the boys up too. I loved getting new art supplies every year (that's what the Easter bunny brings at my mom's) though, of course since I don't live with my parents anymore I didn't get any this year. BUT I got to start that tradition with the boys because they're both old enough now to responsibly use them. I got Ryan crayons and a new coloring book, Zach got his first ever set of markers and a coloring book. PLUS John built them a chalkboard for their room (well will be their room, right now its Zach and Bella's but that'll change when she starts sleeping through the night) so we got them each a huge thing of chalk. I got to dye eggs with Ryan for the first time, and looking back on it now it wasn't nearly so bad as when I made that post about it. We got to hide eggs and have the boys look for them. It just all went really well.
But then we got to my mom's for family Easter get together.
My little brother wound the boys up to the point of frustration for all party's involved. Neither one of them were in the best of moods to begin with because between church and then family coming over they only got about a 30 minute nap each. They were both running on a sugar overload. They kept eating candy and people kept giving them candy. We kept asking people not to give them anymore, we even took away their baskets so they couldn't get it on their own, but that didn't work. I don't think either one has ever had so much candy in one day since John and I are pretty strict about that. By 3:30 I needed a nap, and we didn't even leave my mom's until 8:30!
It was just a long long day and I must say I am very glad its over.

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