Monday, April 27, 2009

Picture of the Day: "So this is love"

My favorite part of a baby is nursing. It broke my heart when I was unable to nurse Ryan, because my experience of nursing Zach was great. I had no problem morally or even emotionally of feeding him formula from a bottle especially since it was what was best for him, no matter what people may say, and he has turned out wonderfully thank you very much. But I am very glad that Miss Bella has taken so well to nursing. There's just something about looking down and seeing those big newborn eyes looking up at you as if you are their world. I love nursing my girl, especially since I know she's the last baby I will nurse. And I don't care if its just "gas" as everyone says, when she looks up at me half asleep while nursing and gives one of those unexpected newborn "smiles" it melts my heart like chocolate.

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