Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Go Gators!"

I was raised by staunch University of Memphis Tiger fans, and seeing as how I do also attend the Univ. of Memphis, I tend to cheer them on also. Now, I married a huge University of Florida Gators fan who has managed to corrupt my two young boys. True, I will cheer them on during football since their team is so much better than our's but still. Ryan is an even bigger Gators fan than his daddy, and a huge Tigers hater. His favorite animal at the zoo are the tigers, but he refuses to own anything related to tigers. He'll go so far as to tell you "Boo Tigers." Now, Ryan's best friend happens to be raised by big Tiger fans and wears Tigers stuff all the time and they get into these huge screaming fights with his friend saying "Go Tigers!" and Ryan responding with a "No! Boo Tigers! Go Gators!" I mean these little skirmishes can get violent in their insistency that no their team is better. Gotta love young college sports fans. lol
(Oh and if you're wondering how all that ties in with today's picture, Ryan is standing in front of a giant cement gator.)

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