Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Snapshot (7/16)

So we got a cute little inflatable pool… my mom and step-dad went and got a real above ground pool. lol (sigh) We are no longer the kids’ favorite place to be. For one short while we actually were, but real pool trumps inflatable pool. Here are some cell phone pictures from when John and I went over to drop Belly off, pick up my sister, and eat dinner there on Thursday.
John swimming with Belly. Yes, she's naked.
Ryan. He's very proud that he can now swim, and hold his breath under water for 13 seconds.
Zach sitting on his best friend's shoulders. (Jared is a very tall 10 year old)
That night John and I took my sister to the midnight Harry Potter premier, I won’t tell you about the movie yet, I’m waiting until Monday that way even if I accidentally post a spoiler at least I’ve given y’all some time to go see it first.

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Chantal Miller said...

looks so fun. a real will always win over the inflateable one