Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks at the park

As always we went to the city park last night for fireworks. Seeing as how last year I got so many cute pictures, and the boys had so much fun, when I let the boys do the picture taking I decided to take both of our cameras last night. That way I was guaranteed to get at least more than 20 usable pictures this year, plus, like I said, the boys could take their own pictures also. BUT since we did take two cameras I now have 76 usable pictures so I’m going to greatly narrow it down for ones to post with this post.

We walked to the park (as always – we live close enough to walk, and the walk is hugely better than the hassle of trying to park). Once we got there we met up with my step-dad and sister (and my younger brother for a very brief moment lol), then we all went over and sat with Ryan’s best friend Zada and her mom and dad and cousin, Terrik. The boys had a ton of fun running around and playing with Terrik and Zada.

Belly LOVED the fireworks. I thought she enjoyed them last year, but oh man, that was nothing compared to this year. She was yelling “Whoa!!,” and covering her eyes and mouth, and screaming and clapping in delight.

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DSCN0085 copy
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DSCN0128 copyDSCN0127 copy
DSCN9497 copy
DSCN0149 copyDSCN0176 copy
DSCN0163 copy

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Tanyia said...

These photos are so sweet! I imagine the kids all had a wonderful time :)