Friday, July 1, 2011

I think I’m crazy and my daughter is cute.

Before I get into my adorable daughter and our newest potty training update, I have to tell you something. I think I might be slightly crazy. I have weird and random dreams a lot. Sometimes I dream about weird ways my day will go when I wake up. I’ve had dreams about getting horrible rejection letters from calls I apply to. I dream about whacky conversations I have with people online. I also tend to dream about just stupid things in regards to John and I.

Last night, I had a dream that I woke up this morning and had like 100 hate comments about my blog post I did yesterday about not wanting any more kids. I mean they got nasty, and some people were even saying I shouldn’t have the three I have since I didn’t want them. They were threatening to come kidnap my kids, and were going to hurt me. All sorts of crazy things. So I woke up this morning at 5, ran to my computer, turned it on, and went and checked my blog. Of course, there were no hate comments. lol After that I went back to bed, and thankfully, had no more dreams.

Now for a potty training update!
DSCN9770 copy

I’m not really sure we’ve had all that much progress to be honest, even though I’ve been steadily on her about it all week. She’s down to only one accident a day, but it’s not because she’s using the potty more. Because she’s not. Not even drops. She sits there, talks, plays, sings, does everything but actually go. Instead what she’s doing is just holding it all in until like naptime when she gets a diaper put back on. She only naps for somewhere between 1-2 hours, but when I get her up her diaper is completely soaked. Even the outside is wet. So, like I said, I’m not too sure if that’s actual progress or not.

And lastly, a few more cute pictures of Belly from playing out in the rain on Tuesday.
DSCN9781 copy
DSCN9817 copy
DSCN9852 copy
DSCN9825 copy

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