Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Backyard summer fun

OK, this is the post I said I was going to put up Monday but never got around to. lol Friday after work John got an inflatable pool for our backyard. It was a surprise to all of us since he hadn’t mentioned this to anyone. The boys and Belly went out and got in it Saturday and Sunday. They all loved it. By Sunday even Belly was really playing it it. Splashing and getting all of her wet. The downside was that it was so hot. Like arm pits sweating even though you’re sitting in really cold water hot. John ended up getting the sprinkler and angling it so that it would spray over the pool and cool the top of them off also.

As always I have a gazillion pictures to show off from them in the pool Saturday, but I am going to try to greatly narrow it down for you.

DSCN9874 copy DSCN9920 copyDSCN9937 copy 
DSCN9956 copyDSCN9983 copy

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