Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Angry Baby

So some of you know who Angry Baby is, however probably 90% of you don't. Let's take a post to explain this phenomenon known as Angry Baby.
Angry Baby is Miss Bella-poo. No, I don't always call my daughter Angry Baby, as a matter of fact, I try to not her call her Angry Baby - unless she's being Angry Baby. To break it down, Angry Baby is the name for my daughter when she's just flat out angry for no reason that I can comprehend. She'll cry and yell (not scream, but these loud baby noises with a red face in a very very loud tone - kinda exactly like when someone is yelling at you) and keep it up from anywhere between 5 minutes to 2 hours. Not too big a deal, people have babies who are like that all the time, but I swear to God up above, the boys as babies spoiled me. Unless there was something wrong they didn't do this, they were Happy Babies. Bella -not so much. About 1/4 the time Bella is Happy Baby, another 1/4 she's Angry Baby, but here's where I can't complain, the other 1/2 the time Bella is Sleeping Baby.
So yeah, my baby fusses, but she gets so angry when she does. Calling her Angry Baby isn't so much of a complaint or insult, just a way to separate my daughter's different personalities.

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Nicole Montgomery said...

great, so this is what I have to look forward to? ;-]