Monday, June 29, 2009

VBS 2009!

Wow last week was just so busy! I worked VBS (Vacation Bible School) and had a blast. I was in charge of one of the kindergarten groups. Its kind of silly they divided it into three groups (K-A, K-B, and K-C) since it was impossible to keep them from mixing up since we all went to everything as one large group. Zach was in K-B but spent most of his time with me (I was in charge of K-C). He had a ton of fun and his and Ryan's friend Zada came as his guest. She was in his group even though she's just now going into pre-K, but we figured we would spare Ryan's teacher and let her handle just him instead of him and Zada. We didn't have any in K pray to accept Jesus, but then most of them don't really grasp that concept well so we didn't push the info on them too much. However, the church gave away two bikes (one boy and one girl) to visitors, and one of the boys in my group got it! It was so big next to him, but he was so excited that he stood next to it during the whole parents' presentation Friday night with a huge smile on his face. I had my younger brother and one of my younger sisters working in K with me, plus one of my mom's neighbor's kids. I must have taken about 200 pictures during VBS but here are a few of my favorites:
My sister Hannah and I
Zach and Zada
Zach and my sister Hannah
The whole kindergarten class.
My Pastor dressed in his hilly billy finest on crazy hair day.
Arts and Crafts
A blurry pic of Zach and I courtesy of him.
Being Israelites with "blood" around their doors.
Ryan and his teacher
Zada, Hannah, and Zach

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