Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture of the Day: "Awesome-freaking-ly Amazing!"

Since Bella was born people have been comparing her looks to the boys trying to figure which one she looks more like, Zach or Ryan. And honestly half the time people say Zach, and the other half people say Ryan. Then I was stressing a couple of posts ago over if her eyes would be blue or not.
Well, I've decided something...
I don't care which of my boys she looks like.
I don't care what color her eyes turn out to be.
Because Bella looks more like me than either of the boys! My mom and aunts and dad all kept telling me Bella looked just like me as a baby, well, we don't have any little baby picture of good enough quality to tell, so I just dismissed them. I got this picture of Bella and I today and I'll be darned if she doesn't look a whole heck of a lot like me! She's got my nose, my mouth, my eyes, and my face shape! So I don't care if her eyes turn as brown as chocolate or as green as grass, my little girl looks like me and I couldn't be happier if I tried!

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