Friday, June 5, 2009

Not nearly enough hours in the day.

If I could just sleep even in a wee bit less I might have enough hours in my day. I mean I sleep very little as is because I have huge issues with sleep and always have. From a health standpoint I could actually use more sleep not less, but that's way beside the point.
I need more time each day to accomplish stuff! I spend most of my morning alternating between cleaning the kitchen, feeding Bella, feeding Ryan, checking my emails, updating and checking the posts of Justmommies boards I host. This keeps me busy until lunch time. Its about this time each day that my mom calls me wanting to know if I'll do something or another for her, and Lord help me if I say no, that means, in her mind, something is wrong. Lately her favorite things to be convinced are wrong with me are that either I'm depressed or John and I are having serious marriage problems. And for the record I am NOT depressed nor have I ever really been, nor are John and I have maritial problems. These calls and text go on for about two hours while I am cleaning the living room. About this time Bella is ready to eat and this is our longest feeding session of the day, plus she likes to be awake, looking, and held after this feeding. At about 3-3:30 she falls asleep and I lay her down, Ryan is also waking up from nap about this time. Ryan wakes up at 5:30 in the morning every day energetic and ready to go, Ryan wakes up from nap in a foul mood. So, he wakes and I have to comfort and soothe him, generally by laying with him on the couch and rubbing his back while he watches his shows.
Now after this point used to be my do stuff for fun time. I'd either play with the boys, read, fool around online, take a shower, you know, do things I didn't have to do. But I decided to end my break I took from designing right before I had Bella. I'm just so backed up with work now. The store I work with changed a lot of their requirements and responsibilites. I'm all for most of these changes, but one is promoting your work and work by others in the store, they now do almost none. On top of all the work I was doing to catch my store back up now I'm also having to design something to give away for free to get people to sign up for my newsletter. Speaking of newsletter, I still have to figure out how to go about getting that set up!
I only have 2 and a 1/2 hours a day to accomplish all of that because I've spent the past 2 months not doing any real designing so its no longer in my schedule. During that 2 and 1/2 hours I also have to keep an eye on the boys playing, and feed Bella when she wakes. You don't get much designing accomplished in two and 1/2 hours of designing when you spend half that time with only one available hand because you're nursing. Then its back to straightening the living room, starting dinner, cleaning the kitchen again as I cook. John comes home. Feed the boys dinner and eat dinner and spend time with John. Next comes feeding Bella, changing her into jammies, and getting boys ready for bed. Then I spend more time with John. If there are shows on we watch I sit with him and watch them, if not then he plays Wii and I go ahead and get back on the computer. John goes to bed at about 10 and I stay up until midnight or 1 checking my Justmommies boards again, but mainly working on my designs more. At 1 I have to get off the computer because John gets up at that time to check and make sure I am off. If I'm not he says he's not paying the internet anymore, because he knows all about my sleep issues.
Once I have this free kit done and my newsletter set up and figured out things'll calm down some. If I had known to expect this when I returned back to working I would have started on it sooner instead of trying to take care of it while setting my store back up.
So I don't permanently need more hours in the day, just for say the next week or so. I didn't understand how unrealistic going back to designing would be with a little baby, but I love doing it too much not to.

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