Monday, June 15, 2009

Setting a goal.

I'm setting myself a goal for this summer. (Well, I plan to start another one too, but lets see how the first goes before I over commit myself.) My goal is to clean. That might not seem like much to you, but to me it is a lot. I've never been one who needs a clean clean house. I mean my house isn't nasty, but its never really clean unless John does it or if I know we are having a lot of people over. I'm fine with clutter, dust, and a nice lived in feel to my house. John and my mom say this is just laziness on my part, and yeah, they are mostly right. I just really hate cleaning, and when you have three little kids, two of which are super active and awesome mess makers, I don't see much point in doing a lot of cleaning. The boys mess up an area as soon as I clean it, so why should I bother?
But, at the root of almost all of mine and John's fights is the house. John, for some reason that baffles me, likes a clean house. He enjoys coming home to a clean and organized house, which has only happened like once. I've been using the excuse of Bella for not cleaning lately, but I can always find an excuse to not clean. I've had seventeen years of practicing excuses to not clean. However, Bella is no longer an excuse since she's pretty set into a schedule now, something that John is unfortunately well aware of. Also, it bugs me that John doesn't help much in the day-to-day cleaning. He likes to do all-out-super cleaning during the weekend, which can take a whole day or two to accomplish, and is extremely stressful on all of us.
So, my goal is to clean, and clean daily. I'm not setting out with this unrealistic idea that I'll have supermom level clean in my house by the first day or two, or even week. I'm using the Home Organization Plan from Justmommies. It has easily completed tasks for each day, even if you have kids. There are nifty little calendars and chore charts you can print out, plus a cool monthly goal, this month's, Kid's Bedrooms, seems tailor made for me since the boys keep their rooms a wreck.
So today is day one. Its time for me to get my butt of the computer and do a little cleaning.

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J said...

Wow, I think you and I and my husband and your husband have come from the same apple orchard or something! lol
I am much like yourself. I like a lived in feel.
My husband on the other hand, LOVES a clean, simplistic, organized home. It drives him absolutely batty to not have a clean home ... so, he's been batty for quite some time!
We're fixing that this week. We've been working well together and getting things cleaned up and organized. We're also doing a rummage next weekend. It is quite a chore and challenge with 5 kids, one being a newborn!

I wanted to say, I'm proud of you Trish and want to also wish you good luck and happy cleaning!!! :)